For Businesses that have an IT Team but need extra support we offer Co-Managed IT Services.

Co-Managed IT services has 635 Systems working directly with your IT Team to achieve their IT goals. Selecting 635 Systems as your Co-Managed IT partner gives your IT Team access to our enterprise monitoring tools, which provide for proactive and responsive analysis and support. We also offer assistance with special projects such as network upgrades, server/hardware and any other technology consulting needs.

Co-Managed IT Services are Billed per Workstation/Server per Month

Services Included with Co-Managed IT

  • Persistent Remote Workstation Access

  • Microsoft Patch Management

  • Anti-Virus Software

  • Hard Drive Status

Billable Services

  • Remote support billed per hour in 15 minute increments

  • Project planning billed per hour

  • Consulting billed per hour